Installation without Helm

How to setup Azure Key Vault to Kubernetes

Make sure to check the requirements before installing.

If Helm is not an option, use Helm on a local computer to generate the Kubernetes templates like below.

Helm 2

Add Helm repository:

helm repo add spv-charts http://charts.spvapi.no
helm repo update

Render akv2k8s charts locally:

helm install --debug --dry-run akv2k8s spv-charts/azure-key-vault-controller
  --namespace akv2k8s <options>
helm install --debug --dry-run akv2k8s spv-charts/azure-key-vault-env-injector \
  --set installCrd=false --namespace akv2k8s <options>

Helm 3

Download the Git repository:

git clone git@github.com:SparebankenVest/c.git

Render chart template locally:

cd public-helm-charts
helm template akv2k8s ./stable/azure-key-vault-env-injector/ <options>

Options and more

For more details about installation options, see the individual Helm charts:

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