• Kubernetes version >= 1.9
  • Enabled admission controllers: MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook
  • RBAC enabled
  • Default authentication requires Kubernetes cluster running in Azure - use custom authentication if running outside Azure

Installing to Kubernetes

It's recommended to use Helm charts for installation.

Add Helm repository:

helm repo add spv-charts
helm repo update

Install both Controller and Env-Injector:

helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-controller
helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-env-injector \
--set installCrd=false

For more details about installation options, see the individual Helm charts:

Installation without Helm

If Helm is not an option, use Helm on a local computer to generate the Kubernetes templates like below:

helm install --debug --dry-run <options>

See the individual Helm charts above for <options>.


To remove installation, run helm uninstall