Akv2k8s logs

The Controller Logs

To access the akv2k8s Controller log:

kubectl -n akv2k8s logs deployment/akv2k8s-controller

The Env-Injector Logs

To access the akv2k8s Env Injector log:

kubectl -n akv2k8s logs deployment/akv2k8s-envinjector

Log levels and format

Akv2k8s support structured logging, using the latest Klog library (same logging library as Kubernetes). By default akv2k8s logs text at log-level info.

Available log-levels: info, debug and trace Available log-format: text and json

To change log-level or log-format, pass in these values to the akv2k8s Helm chart:

global.logLevel: info|debug|trace
global.logFormat: text|json

To override individual akv2k8s components:

controller.logLevel: info|debug|trace
controller.logFormat: text|json

env_injector.logLevel: info|debug|trace
env_injector.logFormat: text|json


helm upgrade --install akv2k8s spv-charts/akv2k8s \
  --namespace akv2k8s \
  --set global.logLevel=debug \
  --set global.logFormat=json
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