Set env-injector log-level

How to set the log-level for the env-injector

The Env-Injector logs in three different places:

  • The Pod hosting the Webhook
  • The init-container
  • During startup of container where environment variables are injected

Access Webhook logs

The Webhook logs information about every Pod that attempts to start in a namespace monitored by the Env-Injector. If something goes wrong during the mutation of a Pod, the log will contain information about what happened. If you want more detailed information, you can increase the log level.

Log level is controlled through the environment variable LOG_LEVEL on the webhook container or through the logLevel parameter for the Env-Injector Helm Chart.

Access init-container logs

The init-container will only execute shell commands for copying files into the in-memory volume at /azure-keyvault/ - but if that would fail, the init-container will contain the shell output in its log.

Access logs in your own container

During startup of a container where environment variables are injected, the azure-keyvault-env executable will output any errors that occured during injection and debug messages. To see any debug message, the log level must be set to debug.

Debug level is controlled through the environment variable ENV_INJECTOR_LOG_LEVEL on your container.

The env-injector uses Logrus for logging, supporting seven log levels: https://github.com/Sirupsen/logrus#level-logging - Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal and Panic. Default log level is Info.

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